To be the most efficient petroleum terminal operator in South Asia.


Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminal Limited is a Company duly incorporated under the companies Act No. 17 of 1982 in terms of Section 2 (1) of the conversion of Public Corporations or Government owned business undertakings into Public Companies Act No. 23 of 1987, owns the Common User Facility (CUF) consisting of Oil Terminals, Storage Facilities, Pipelines and the Bowser Fleet, more fully described in the Government Gazette extraordinary bearing No. 1310-8 dated 13th October 2003.

Our Business

We are a company engaged in bulk petroleum storage and distribution activities with state of the art infrastructure facilities for management of down stream product handling in Sri Lanka. We serve around one thousand retail outlets island wide owned by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Lanka Indian Oil Corporation to meet the energy demand of the retail consumers in the country and the large number of bulk consumers in various industrial sectors involved in the economic development process. Two main installations supported by 11 bulk depots which are involved in the storage & distribution network with around 3000 employees actively participation in various activity of the company.


To remain as the most efficient terminal operator in the island, meeting stakeholders expectations and committed to make perceivable and continual improvement in the level of customer satisfaction, while preserving the quality and ensuring the exact quantity of the petroleum products being delivered to the terminal facility users/customers, honouring the health, environmental and safety standards in force through dedicated participation of a loyal, contended and well trained workforce, guided by the feedback of the customers and the general public.

To be most efficient petroleum terminal operator in South Asia.